Dear Guests, I am glad to welcome you on my website!

Art has not got any definitions and everything is art!

Art, nature, culture – are my Life’s motto. This website does not pursue any commercial goals and it would be very nice for me to receive your commentary or suggestions. You can contact me per E-Mail or per contact-form.

We are living now in the special time because of the fact, that we can reach each other per Internet. I would like to use this opportunity of the global networking in positive terms.

Since humans’ origin and than developing as individuals – expression themselves through different kinds of art has been a great possibility of communication, a universal language. Nowadays, art still plays a great role, which became new forms and goals.

Art is a tool to put inner “I” out. It is very important what we say and what we do. My personal enormous worry is how it will go further, what will happen with our nature and our environment. Now it is needful to save our planet. Also the natural and cultural heritage must be preserved for the next generations. We, humans, should already begin something to do. Since my childhood I have heard appeals: the nature to be saved. Actual everything should be already much better with the nature. In the reality only the opposite occurs. Humans have been aimed and constant destroying our Earth.

The real worth is that a person does not need a lot: a roof over the head and a close person’s love. No luxury can surrogate it. We were born to be happy with little things and to live in freedom. The humans’ insatiability has been destroying not only the nature but mankind itself. Let us affect a policy which involves people into aggression and into bloodshed. Do nor permit policy to enrich further a small number of super-rich men and to waste money for useless and fool aims.

What have all of these to do with Art? It is the true art to stay the true human.

One of my favorite quote:

Even I am subjected to my self-division by the intention to live. My existence stays in conflict with others in a thousand ways. The need to destroy and to harm life is imposed on me. When I walk on a lonely path, my foot brings destruction and pain to the little creatures that populate it. To preserve my existence, I have to ward an existence, that it harms, off. I will be a persecutor of a little mouse, that is living in my house, a killer of an insect, that wants to nest here, a mass-murderer of bacteria, that are endanging my health. I win my food by destruction of plants and animals. My luck is built of damaging of close-persons. “- Albert Schweitzer (Theologian, philosopher, the universal scholar, missionary doctor, Organist, musicologist and pacifist. Schweitzer founded a hospital in Lambaréné in Central African Gabon.)